Materials Needed

  • The usual size diaper for your baby (the “inner” diaper)
  • A larger size “outer” diaper
  • A roll of 1 inch medical adhesive tape
  • Sharp scissors


  1. Cut a 2-3 inch hole in the inner diaper by punching a hole through the diaper with the tip of the scissors, in the area that the penis would be touching.
  2. Cut 8 pieces of tape, each about 2-3 inches long. Cover the edges of the hole in the inner diaper by placing the pieces of tape so that half of each piece is on the inside and half is on the outside of the diaper. The tape will cover the open cut edge of the diaper and keep the stuffing from falling out.
  3. Put the inner diaper, with the hole in it, under the baby’s bottom. Put the penis and catheter (if there is one) through the hole in the diaper. This will help keep the penis clean after a bowel movement. If there is a bowel Movement and the penis and catheter are dirty, gently squirt some water using a squeeze bottle to remove the feces.
  4. Put the outer diaper (the larger one) over the first diaper. Leave it somewhat loose, so there is no pressure on the penis. The catheter should drain into the outer diaper. Lay the catheter into the diaper loosely, without kinking, so that it continues to drain properly.