• Following surgery, your child will be encouraged to drink clear liquids when he is fully awake.
  • He will be discharged home from the hospital when he is tolerating fluids without vomiting. Nausea and vomiting are common after anesthesia and may last for 24 hours after surgery.
  • Do not worry if you see a little blood spotting through the dressing.


  • You may feed your child juices, Jello and clear broth for the first postoperative day/evening.
  • A regular diet may be resumed the next morning or earlier if tolerated.
  • Do not force feed especially if your child is nauseous. His appetite will return to normal with time.
  • Your son will have a gauze dressing or a clear “saran wrap” like dressing.
  • Apply Bacitracin ointment to the tip of the dressing or penis several times a day or at each diaper change.
  • The dressing usually stays in place for 1-4 days. Do not be concerned if it falls off earlier. The dressing can be removed according to your doctor’s directions. There may be many layers to the dressing.
  • If there is any bleeding, immediately apply gentle pressure to the penis with a clean gauze pad. Hold pressure for approximately three minutes.
  • If the bleeding stops, nothing further needs to be done. If the bleeding continues, notify the doctor immediately.
  • Avoid bicycles, climbing bars, straddling toys, and similar activities, Do not carry your son on your hips.
  • Your son may walk, climb stairs, and ride in the car seat with all straps in place.
  • Your son should not go to school until after the one week post-operative visit unless otherwise directed.

Tylenol or Tylenol with Codeine can be used for post-operative pain and will be discussed by your doctor.


Sponge bathe your child keeping the penis dry for as long as the dressing is intact. Begin bathing Without Soap if the dressing comes off by itself before the post-operative visit to the doctor. Do not bathe him for more than five minutes each time until the doctor instructs you otherwise.

Common Findings
  • The penis may swell after the dressing is removed and look raw and red and you will see stitches on the penis.
  • Bruising at the base of the penis and scrotum is not unusual and will disappear in a short period of time.
  • The penis will have several areas of whitish-yellow scabs. These are normal signs of healing on the penis.
  • If there is mild discomfort while he urinates, do not be alarmed. This will resolve shortly. Please call your doctor if you notice.
  • Fever over 102 degrees.
  • Extreme pain, redness, and/or bleeding at the incision site.

Post-Operative visits

Schedule a postoperative visit 7-10 days.

In case of emergency

Please contact our nurse at 713-795-5160.